Tornado Safety Information



Each of our schools has a crisis plan that outlines procedures for tornado safety. Schools practice tornado drills three times a year to help ensure that procedures are known and followed. If a tornado warning would be issued while students are on a school bus, shelter will be sought for students as soon as possible. Bus drivers are able to communicate via radio with the transportation office and all schools.  Weather radios are used in every school to monitor conditions and alert us to any tornado watches or warnings.


Snow Day FAQ's



Who makes the decision to call a snow day?

Superintendent of Schools makes the final decision about snow days. He checks weather maps and forecasts, and also works with district staff members to check the roads, district sidewalks and parking lots. He also discusses the possibility of a snow day with other area superintendents. It is a difficult decision and one that hinges on what is best for student safety.


How will I be notified of a snow day?

Snow days are listed in a variety of places. Any time school is cancelled, all student and staff homes will receive a Power Annoucement call and/or email alerting them of the situation. It will also be listed in local media -- television stations, radio stations, and all web sites for these media outlets as well as newspapers. Finally, it will appear on the home page of our website and on our twitter account, @circleusd375,.

Note: PowerAnnoucement only notifies the "powerschool annoucement parent" as listed in the PowerSchool student database system.


Heat - Cold Index


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