Many people, including children, have been confronted with material that is disturbing or inappropriate while using the internet or other forms of digital media.  Parents can greatly


  minimize the chances that their children will be victimized by educating children about both the benefits and dangers of "cyberspace".

 Social Networking

  Social networking refers to on-line communities of people who are socializing with each other via a particular website.  Most of the social networks on the Web are public,

  allowinganyone to join. Social networking is a popular way to connect socially or professionally with other people. Examples:  FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs

  List of Social Networks

  Information about Facebook

  More Information about MySpace

  Wired Safety Blog Information

 Internet Safety Education

  The following websites provide general information about internet and digital media safety.

  Child Safety on the Information Highway

  Teen Safety on the Information Highway


  Internet Safety Education

  National Cyber Security Alliance

  Cyber Safety Video and Information from Microsoft

 Family Contracts

  Creating contracts for both parents and children is an important part of internet safety. The following links provide examples of contracts and ideas to help create your own
  family  contract.

  Family Contract for Online Safety